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About EB Medicine

For over 15 years, EB Medicine has been the premier publisher of cutting-edge, evidence-based content. With authors, peer reviewers, and an editorial board comprised of practicing physicians from leading institutions around the world covering a broad range of clinical expertise, each of EB Medicine’s publications provide information and insight that make an immediate impact on the way our readers practice medicine – with the goals of improving patient outcomes, enhancing efficiency, and elevating quality of care.

Our monthly articles, both print and online, cover medicine the way you actually practice it — real patients, real challenges, and real solutions. Each article includes practical, real world solutions that can be used in everyday practice. Each issue includes in-depth information unavailable anywhere else: clinical pathways with recommendations for practice, cost-effective treatment suggestions, tips for minimizing medicolegal risk, comprehensive charts and tables for quick reference, summarized key points that allow for easy digestion of critical information, and extensive reference lists that include the type of study and number of patients to help readers judge the strength of each source cited in the material.

Our editorial board members, authors, and peer reviewers are front-line physicians facing the challenges of the medical community every day. They offer real world advice — based in the literature and designed for applicability in practice.

EB Medicine content includes:

  1. Emergency Medicine Practice
  2. Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice

Emergency Medicine Practice

Your subscription to Emergency Medicine Practice provides you with 12 monthly issues, each focusing on real emergencies, from trauma to chronic heart disease, and written by practicing, experienced ED physicians who care deeply about giving every patient the care she deserves. Each issue takes you step by step from the moment your patient presents to the ED with an often vague complaint, through risk stratification, laboratory testing and imaging, all the way to disposition.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice is the only evidence-based resource that gives you concise, applicable information on the management of pediatric patients. Whether you work in a pediatric ED or in a general ED, knowledge of pediatric emergencies and appropriate management is critical to delivering optimal patient care.

In Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice, you’ll find clinical pathways, tables, and figures to help you quickly match your patients’ presentations with the correct diagnosis. Your management options are outlined, guiding you through the most effective methods of testing and treatment, solidly based in the current literature, with tips on time- and cost-effective strategies as well as assessment of risk management pitfalls, all tailored to the special needs of pediatric patients.

We guarantee that Pediatric and Emergency Medicine Practice will boost your clinical confidence, refresh your memory of the fundamentals, and keep you abreast of the most relevant updates in pediatric emergency medicine

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